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  1. I had an oddity in my Activity log which only happens when the error occurs. I fixed it with a reboot of the machine and a log out. Logging out and restarting the app and logging back in didn't fix it. I have no shared notes. I have had Evernote installed for a few years, App Store version (for a while), and I moved my user profile from one Mac on to this one. Problems occur randomly since v6. Not having the problem since my reboot. Activity Log is in this post: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78980-blank-cards/?p=332309
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    Blank cards

    Logged out of Evernote and rebooted the machine. Did the trick. Check Help-Activity Log. I was getting these errors: ********* The Activity Log may contain information about your account and notes.* For example, the titles of some of your notes may be mentioned in this log file.* When providing log information, feel free to edit the file to remove anything* you do not want to send us.******** Version: Evernote Mac 6.0.3 (451151) Locale: en-GB OS: 10.10.1 WebKit: 600.1.25 WebCore: 600.1.25 Username: XXXXXX Email: XXXXXXMac Model: MacBookPro11,3 CPU Type: IntelCPU Count: 8CPU Speed: 2.300000 GHz RAM: 16.000000 GB Date: 2014-12-10 23:31:20 +0000 2014/12/10 19:54:53:613 E|*** -[ENCommonEditorWebView callJavascriptENMethod:args:] main | Calling EN.execCommand(( changes, false, "")) failed with exception: [<DOMAbstractView 0x618000229620> valueForUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key EN.
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    Blank cards

    Same happened to me - Evernote 6.0.3, happened this evening. I had the same problem with an earlier v6 build. If you wait a while your note will probably appear but if you click off it then you'll have to wait again.
  4. Well Evernote 6.0.3 just had the blank note problem again. It had been resolved with the last update but now I have to wait 30 seconds for a note to appear again. I tried logging out, restarts, etc. No luck.
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