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  1. I imported some very long sets of data from a database program -- contacts lists and a list of research materials -- and enjoy using Evernote to add to these documents. However, when I search them using Evernote for Mac, I don't see a way to tab through the search results quickly. When I log in via a Web browser, the search function clearly lists the number of hits within the note and lets me click the down arrow to jump to each result. I want to be able to do that in the application as well. Instead, I have to scroll endlessly, looking for the highlighted terms. Seems like a little problem, b
  2. I was under the impression that Evernote and its forum welcome customers who aren't necessarily programmers.
  3. I don't know scripting or parsing from the man on the moon. But I would love advice on which file format to try in Evernote when exporting the Filemaker data. If I can't attach the actual PDFs, that's tolerable, since they are on my hard drive and the database entries will tell me the file names to search for.
  4. I created a simple database using Filemaker 13 for Mac. The application keeps crashing and I was encouraged to upgrade to the current version, but my needs are too basic to justify the cost. I'd much rather upgrade to premium Evernote if it's possible to import what I have. I have used Evernote for years for very rudimentary lists and such. The Filemaker database is a couple of steps up from that: 9 fields, one of which contains sometimes lengthy notes, plus one field in which I attach files, usually PDFs of documents (I used this database to store and search for my research notes and related
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