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  1. Thanks, that's it! Do you know how to select multiple tags on the expanded list on the left panel?
  2. Hello Frank, thank you for your help. I know that the TAGs can be nested in the tag list. The thing is that I've implemented a GTD methodology in Evernote so I have created @who, @where, etc tags and nested in them the specific items (example @where has nested tags Home, Work, Errands). I would like to use the shortcuts list to see the @where tag and be able to expand/collapse that tag to show/hide the Home, Work, Errands tags. This functionality exists for the windows version.
  3. Hello. I'm using nested tags and have included them in the shortcuts sidebar but I'm not able to colapse/expand. According to screenshots I've seen for Windows users, this is standard functionality. Is this something that can only be done in the Windows version? I'm also trying to find a way to select multiple options from the shortcuts sidebar. In Windows I guess you accomplish that by holding control key and selecting options but it does not work for Mac. All you help is appreciated!
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