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  1. Thanks again, I have now received a support ticket: #866892. So I guess I now just need to wait... Fredrik
  2. Hi, Thank you for the fast reply. Under the Evernote Support page I can't find any dropdown menu, and I tried to search for "Payment issues" without any luck. Could you please help me with some more details on where to raise a support ticket? Filling out the support online form is only for premium users... which I am supposed to be... Thanks again for your help Fredrik
  3. Hi, I paid for a subscription through the App store on my mac (after clicking on "Go premium"), and I can find it when I look through my subscriptions, but under preferences in Evernote it still says I am a free user... The appleID I have is a different email address than the one I use for Evernote. Please help! - Fredrik
  4. Hi, I am using the EN app for Mac, its been working perfect untill yesterday, now I can't edit any notes, when I click in the note, the only thing I can do is to mark the text. I can't type or paste or anything... would appreciate some tips on how to solve it. Thanks Fredrik
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