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  1. Some of the hyperlinks in my notes instead of opening the sites they're linked to now opens the browser to an evernote window that says " Oops, we encountered an error." It seems to want to redirect the links through Evernote -- instead of direct through the browser!! That's bizarre behaviour and I can't get to my links...only workaround is to copy/paste them into the browser. Annoying because I have a lot of link "dashboards" in Evernote Note that this is on EVERNOTE for MAC, not the web version!
  2. You're right, I installed the download from Evernote -- no problem -- despite it having the same version number as the App Store version 6.0.3 -- seems to work, thanks!
  3. Installed 6.0.3 -- Can't see any of my notes -- I can click on the cards, but the notes won't display -- can't even create a new card -- the view is missing of the contents! Help!
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