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  1. Any update on this? I'm surprised not to have seen more comments from others experiencing the same problem - the nature of it led to me assume this was a generic problem likely impacting many people...
  2. After Chrome updated to v56, the Web Clipper is now severely broken. Specifically, when you click the mouse pointer on an option within the Web Clipper UI, the action that follows your click does not correspond to what/where you clicked. The Web Clipper thinks you have clicked somewhere different to where you have actually clicked. For example, clicking on the green 'Save' button does not initiate a save action but instead selects the 'Simplified article' Clip option. Similarly, clicking on 'Full page' does not select Full page clip style but instead selects Options and opens the Opt
  3. I think to do so would be a tacit acknowledgement that the new Evernote Web is flawed - which we believe it is - and hence involve owning up to having made a big mistake. In my experience few businesses like to own up to their mistakes; which is ironic, because on the few occasions when they do their customers usually respect them for having the guts to do it. Everyone makes mistakes, and it's how you respond to them that provides the measure of you.
  4. Ok Metrodon, happy to be corrected! The device number licensing restrictions would seem to suggest that Evernote Web won't be seeing any major functionality upgrades though. Glennie, it does appear Evernote saw the old Evernote Web as expendable: rather than develop an entirely new product to deliver the functionality you're describing, they attempted to morph Evernote Web into becoming that new product, with little regard for the many existing users who relied upon a full-function Evernote experience delivered via the browser. So far as I can tell, the new Evernote Web isn't popular
  5. Hi osaga, Unfortunately, that's not the case for me: it doesn't matter what the default selection type is - the initial cursor/pointer always appears as the little yellow square, and all mouse pointer functionality is lost. Thanks for trying though!
  6. I wouldn't see my guess as shocking. Businesses need to generate revenues and be profitable and that sometimes involves tough commercial decisions that leave some stakeholders unhappy. For example Google ditching Google Reader left many people upset but Google was perfectly entitled to do that. Of course, goodwill is not an unlimited well to be drawn from so businesses must be careful. At least there still is an Evernote web app, albeit a lot less useful IMO, and which remains free to use. The situation could be worse
  7. Metrodon, here's what I think:- 1. The previous Evernote Web was a full-function web app designed to replicate most/all the functionality of the desktop versions. In my opinion, this product worked great. For Chrome OS, Linux or the many users barred from locally installed software, this was the only option for them to use Evernote. Many people seemed to use and like this product. 2. When the Web Beta was announced and then launched, it was never clear why to me. Few if anybody had asked for such a product and I've the impression that few liked it once they'd used it. Why? Because wh
  8. Yes, on Chrome OS (ie. Chromebooks) the new 6.9 clipper is very broken. The key problem seem to be that when the Web Clipper opens (after pressing the Clip to Evernote toolbar button) the cursor/pointer is not the usual selection pointer tool (arrow). Instead it is some sort of text highligher pointer (looks like an Insertion Tool cursor with an adjacent small yellow box). What this means is that you cannot use the mouse pointer to select any of the choices presented by the Web Clipper, ie. you cannot use the mouse pointer to change anything such as the Clip target (Article, Simplifi
  9. I agree about the navigation and organisation abilities, which were/are key to me. I'm now using Google Keep for simple note taking, Google Drive for more complex (structured) note/document management, and using Evernote primarily for its Web Clipping features. As far as I can tell, the Web Clipper is still the best there is, and I'll continue to use it for as long as that remains the case. Clearly, Evernote wish to take Evernote Web in a different direction that may suit someone, somewhere (?!) but doesn't suit our needs so well. That's their choice, so c'est la vie!
  10. I lost my data in one note and cant locate in trash. What can I do?


  11. Indeed. List views (two-panel file managers) are all about maximising information density and are thus an extremely useful tool for experienced knowledge workers with "real work" to accomplish. It's why we see information-dense UIs such as list views in nearly all serious productivity tools. Unfortunately for Evernote Web users, it appears Evernote is targeting its Web Beta at a different type of user, for whom a "clean" UI is the overriding requirement, with information density (and thus productivity) clearly not a priority. Evernote has had months and months of feedback that the Web Beta
  12. The script for this saga has already been written... ...Just like when Microsoft foisted the Metro UI upon desktop PC users, and Google forced you to sign up to Google+ just to use their other products, this tale won't end well. I am sure there are folks within Evernote who agree with the near-unanimous negative feedback being posted here, think this strategy is doomed, and are just waiting for the day when they can say to their colleagues (managers), "told you so". Meanwhile, just enjoy all that clean, white, low-productivity space
  13. It's clear, from the perspective of many 'productivity users', that the Evernote Web Beta is pretty useless compared to the current Evernote Web. It's removed many of the key features that make the current Evernote Web such an excellent and productive tool and which drew these 'productivity users' to Evernote instead of to competing products. Unfortunately for these 'productivity users', Evernote appears to be no longer interested in meeting their needs so well - or rather, it believes their needs would be best served by them switching to Evernote Desktop instead where these productivity fea
  14. The devices I use are Android and Chromebook. With most web apps, the Android equivalent is a cut-down feature-light version. I do basic stuff in the Android app, and then turn to the Web App to do the more complex things. Using Gmail as an example: on the Gmail Android app I can do simpler stuff like read and write basic emails. To do more complex stuff, like manage my filters or write lengthy emails requiring complex formatting, I use the Gmail web app. It's like this for every app where there are Android / web app equivalents. Android is feature-light; web apps, where more screen space
  15. You're out of luck. At the Evernote Conference, when concluding his presentation on the New Evernote Client (i.e. the Web Beta), Phil Libin stated that the old web client will go away at some point. Web Beta discussed from 21mins onward: Evernote are unlikely to maintain two separate code bases. They've decided that the Web Client's future is as a clean-looking, simplified gateway into the Evernote world, aimed squarely at new users. Therefore, existing users of the current web client who rely upon its high productivity features will therefore need to: EITHER: (i) switch t
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