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  1. Just in case this info helps anyone trying this process, I too wanted to downgrade from Version 6, I downgraded first to 5.7.2, which worked perfectly after following the instructions at the start of this thread...however I wanted it turned out, version 5.5.2 as I missed features such as being able to email a note (rather than sharing links, etc...). I saw that some people were having trouble with syncing/database with downgrading from Version 6 to 5.5.2...I don't know if it made a difference that I downgraded first from V6, to V5.7.2, then to 5.5.2, but my Evernote V5.5.2 is working perfectly, with no lost notes, etc...it did throw up a sync problem first sync, but I just repressed the sync button, and it worked fine after that and I'm now loving being back on this version! btw, I am in the same camp as many others; I love Evernote, and it's features, however V6, (and for me, version 5.7.2 onwards) are missing so many functions and daily used features...I am back to 5.5.2 for now, but I will be looking for a new note system for Mac if Evernote doesn't fix this in the near future, as I do not wish to stay on a non updated version forever (especially as a premium user)...I haven't had a problem or worry with evernote before now that required me to come on the forums, but this issue was frustrating enough to prompt me to do just that...just my thoughts...
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