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  1. I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S6, and all of the sudden Evernote now inserts a new line when I use commas for lists. When I try to delete the line break, it looks fine in the edit window, but it looks like this after I save changes: Food: raw local honey, onion, Mexican hot cocoa, OJ, fruit, salad, breakfast foods General: dress socks, index cards, collar stays, long ethernet cable, shower gel, magnets, tissues Is this a known issue? It looks like this on the phone and on my computer, but it only happens when I edit a note on my phone. Also, on the computer version, I can't delete the
  2. I got sick of the annoying pop-up notification with Web Clipper and uninstalled it. I didn't find anything in the options to disable it. If there's a current or future fix, I might eventually install it again if I think of it.
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