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  1. I've moved to Noteself and I couldn't be happier. I'm worried about some potential radical improvements to Evernote app in the future could wreck it too. So please, keep working on stability and user reported flaws and don't try to redefine what productivity means...
  2. I was a daily user of Penultimate and premium evernote subscriber. After this "update" I've used the app twice. First time I was astonished about the laggy response and the bad taste on design. I could note even manage to take a single note. Second time, I checked for the 6.0.1 update... Same abysmal quality. I even checked for my renewal date to unsubscribe... I feel I cannot trust Evernote as a reliable partner into my productivity. It feels more like a burden than as a day-to-day tool. What else won't work tomorrow? Why every new feature feels so not production ready?
  3. I would also like to upvote this issue. I can not conceive a serious business card software that doesn't allow me to export in a neutral standard format like vCard o CSV. Any other "solution" like messing my computer/phone contacts can't be taken seriously. Ever heard about data protection policies?
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