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  1. I don't guess they care much anyway. With so many users unless at least 1000 people mention it, it won't be fixed. But even with so many different devices for android, I don't get this problem on other notes apps. Its not that difficult to use system font preferences and to have consistency between view and edit for all the smaller developers.. That's how I look at it. My £4 per month can be put to other use
  2. I have my phone lg g3 set to the smallese font size. When editing a note in Evernote, the application follows this setting. However in view mode the application doesn't follow my setting. The font is ridiculously large for a phone screen. Why won't it show at my system font size setting as in the edit screen. Then on my tablet Nexus 7, it the opposite way around. View is nice and small as per my system settings, but edit does not follow this and the font is larger. Why hasn't Evernote got these basics right on displaying text when it's a note app. This is never fixed, and is so annoying I can not use Evernote and now my subscription has expired. It irritates me really bad whenever I open this app. Why can't this be fixed ¿
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