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  1. Also a feature request too, if possible. can it be made so the folding of the Reminders can be turned off? I use a hotkey and ENSCRIPT to view my agenda (reminders) and it's annoying that they are folded down all the time when i want to see them
  2. Thanks. I can confirm that ENSCRIPT does indeed work with .344 version that Chantal posted about 52 minutes ago
  3. Thank you jefito I appreciate your assistance very much with this issue.
  4. Thanks Jefito. I know the new upgrade did move the database somewhere else. I'm wondering how to make ENSCript know where to find the new database?!!
  5. Yes, all paths are the same. i tripled checked it. Please fix this as soon as possible. Meanwhile I will not be upgrading at all till this is fixed.
  6. No ENSCRIPT command works. for example c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe createNotebook /n"a notebook title" c:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\ENScript.exe showNotes /q reminderOrder:* Try those and see that it doesn't process anything at all, and there's no error. i installed it on 2 computers and they both didn't work. I downgraded yesterday to a V 6.1 and now it works. This new version broke ENscript somehow
  7. Nothing happens from the command window at all. That's why I wrote in the trouble with ENSCRIPT. I downgraded to a 6.1 version and ENSCRIPT works just fine there. The new version broke ENSCRIPT, simple as that.
  8. PS i know it's the new version i upgraded on 2 computers and didn't work on either!!!
  9. HUGE problem with new release!!!! Enscript.Exe does not work!! I use this script constantly to search, jump to notebooks, create notebooks, etc I downgraded to an old versiom and ENscript does work on it. So i know that it's the new version
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