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  1. Probably too obvious, but could the disappearing notes just be a display bounds error, where the app is trying to draw to the disabled laptop display (or to its offscreen display bounds)? At least two missing-notes complainants here have the following configuration -- anybody else? Macbook Pro.Lid closed.Large external monitor(s).App updated (not first-time install) from App Store.OSX Yosemite installed over Mavericks.If you have missing notes, and your config is NOT like this, please post. Thanks.
  2. Some blunt truth, speaking as a programmer and project manager with 15 released consumer software products: These repeated releases, betas and posts ("we can't reproduce it") make it look like you are just guessing. Your user base is very non-technical: you can't expect many of them to install betas, let alone give meaningful feedback. They don't know what to tell you. Also, this is not open-source: it is retail software that people paid for. Users of paid software are not your testing department. Also, if the problem was the App Store sandboxed version, then downloadable betas don't actually test a solution -- they just overwrite the problem. Suggestions: Reproduce the bug before you release another beta. This is insanely hard with a rare intermittent bug. But it generally won't go away otherwise -- it will keep turning up, like a bad penny, in future versions, for months or years, until you deterministically locate its underground crypt and drive a stake through its heart, vampire-style.Reach out to specific users having this problem. Literally get on the phone with them, ask probing questions about their config. I see posters are volunteering (e.g. Scopo). They want to help you. Test your solutions on just them, before pushing to everyone. Have them install a version that dumps config information, and have them email that back to you.This sounds time consuming, and it is. But in my experience, it is massively faster, and less destructive to your brand, than posting betas on a bug you can't reproduce, and asking non-technical users, "did this work?" "did this work?" etc. Again, this is consumer retail, not open source. I hope this level of bluntness is not too harsh. I truly feel your pain on this, and only learned the right way by doing it wrong. Best of luck.
  3. SoftwareMarcus, sorry I was grumpy about this before. As a programmer I have been in your situation: consumer product, intermittent bug, argh. Yes, it's a display issue, not data loss. If it helps, here is one configuration: 2014 Macbook Pro, 16Gb RAM, SSD drive.Giant external monitor (laptop lid closed).Yosemite installed over Mavericks, installed over various prior OS X versions. (permissions issue?)Evernote window positioned in the right half of the giant external monitor. (display bounds/offset issue?)Invisible notes are all PDFs scanned with a Canon ImageFormula P-150M.Invisible notes are not shared.App store version of Evernote.The notes reappeared when I logged out of Evernote, rebooted the computer, and logged back in again. Hey, when the dust settles on all this, can you please bring back the popup to move a note to a new notebook? The new modal dialog for that is cumbersome, adds two extra clicks every time you add a note and assign it to a notebook.
  4. Searches are extremely slow: several minutes on a 2014 high-end MacBook Pro w/Yosemite. If this is due to re-indexing, then it is a design error not to communicate that fact. Thousands of us out here think there is something wrong with the application. All you needed was a modal dialog upon launch: "Some functions will be slow while re-indexing this new version of Evernote." Also, it was a design error to change the "change notebooks" feature from a simple popup menu to a modal dialog. I have been angry at this application half a dozen times already, and it's only been installed 10 minutes. I've been a "pro" user for over 5 years, and this is the first time I've been moved to complain. You guys have been so good. Please, please, don't regress to the mean.
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