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  1. I really do not understand the response to these problems. Has there been any official email from Evernote about what's going on and when it will be resolved? If not, is that normal approach from Evernote? If the problem is related to indexing, why not tell people if there is a way to check if their system is indexing and whether the indexing can be halted so that they might, for example, see whether doing so resolves these issues? Is there any metrics for such things as time to load content? If there are such metrics, can they be accessed by a user and are they being sent to Evernote? Has anyone experienced these issues with non-AppStore installs? Same question regarding 6.0.3 and 6.0.4? If it is to do with indexing, why does the indexing continue for many days (e.g., people continue to experience the problem for a few weeks now) and what do 3 and 4 do differently in terms of that? I find it totally unacceptable for these problems to have gone on for this long. It's basically meant being locked out of anything I've kept on Evernote. I will look to migrate to something else in the next few weeks.
  2. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/77444-how-to-completely-remove-and-reinstall-en-mac/
  3. We're trying very hard to find the root problem of the blank note issue. You have to understand that the majority of people never run into this issue even though it may seem like it on the forums. Sure. It may not affect very many, but it does affect some, and for those some losing data, without receiving any official warning or recommendations, is a big deal. It’s like if your auto mechanic had 5% of newish cars come in that were indefinately inoperable following some repairs and the mechanic decided the right move would be to just not say anything about it. It's not that easy for us to reproduce reliably in our offices and if we can't reproduce it reliably we can't fix it. We have no idea why some people see it all the time but most don't. It could be data related - like the type of content you import or the web pages you copy, machine speed, note sharing, local notes, other apps, RAM, hard drive space, App Store sandboxing.If you’re not able to reproduce it why do you say below that you are?my experiences-data: doesn’t seem data related; would occur for notes with simple text in relation to the opening thing; also applies for newly created notes for which putting in any data is impossible, at a minimum for long periods; i don’t import from web and still had it-machine speed: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5 with 16 GB of DDR3; don’t see any link; believe that it occurs on my other machines-note sharing: not sharing any notes; occurs in notes for which there is no connection to sharing (e.g., newly created notes)-local notes: don’t have any; again doesn’t seem at all connected-other apps: maybe, but no obvious connection-RAM: ^-hard drive space: 473.9 GB free-App Store sandboxing: maybe; would explain parts or all of what has been described so far We're not sure. Download customers were basically using the same software for the past 2 months and of course we use Evernote Mac everyday in our office and are not running into this issue. This has been a really perplexing bug to nail down. The good news is we've been able to find one pathway to replicate the problem consistently and have a fix for for that one pathway but we're not sure it covers all the situations where customers run into this issue. It would be really helpful if those of you who are seeing blank notes can test our 6.0.4 Beta 2 release which has this fix so we can see if we've got this one nailed or not. If people continue to see the issue it might be useful to learn what is unique about their set up. For example are you sharing notes?-sharing notes: no. Are you using local notes and are those not appearing.-local notes: no. Have you just upgraded and could still be reindexing which may tax your system and therefore cause a delay in the way the notes load.-just upgraded: maybe; it would help to know how long that period can be, like mean duration and max possible duration; the problems started right after going to 6 for me and same thing after going to 6.0.3; problems don’t seem to be there now, perhaps after some restarts and more time from update Are specific notes not loading?-specific notes: doesn’t seem related to specific notes or specific notebooks; I stopped trying to open anything that seemed like it didn’t want to open and would not edit Title or anything like that for fear that it would blank the note If so what is unique about those notes? Are they copies of web pages or were they created from scratch in Evernote.-uniqueness; web | scratch: don’t seem to be specific notes; weren’t created from web; created in earlier versions of Evernote The bottom line is we are very concerned about this bug and are doing everything we can to fix it. Here's a link to my 6.0.4 Beta 2 forum post to learn about Beta 2 and how to download it. P.S. By the way, this also has a performance fix. This is another bug that has been really hard to track down. It appears that some people who switch between multiple Evernote accounts could run into a serious performance bug and we've fixed that in 6.0.4. Like the blank note fix, this performance fix may not fix all performance issues.
  4. I'm sure that many of you have tried this already and sorry if it does nothing for you, but something that seems to have worked for me was simply restarting my machine a few times. I'm reluctant to remove the copy from App Store and put the downloaded on one. Doing it is easy enough, but I haven't seen anything official from Evernote that this would not introduce its own set of problems, especially long-term. Having said that, I'd appreciate it if someone would explain why one version seems fine whereas the other clearly is not. I'm also +1 in the group that will look elsewhere upon the completion of my 'premium'.
  5. Evernote 6.0.3 (updated thru App Store) on OSX 10.10.1. Same stuff. Newly created notes have cursor only in 'click to add tags' and unable to access any other area of the note. After a long delay (many seconds), then able to edit Title, but not main area of the note. Accessing already created notes also shows problems. Clicking on a note that was already in 'side list view' (for example) will show nothing in the note to the right for a very long period. Eventually the content of the note will load. Double clicking on the note in 'side list view' to take it out on its own brings up what seems to be a blank note, with only the title of the note shown at the very top. No content is loaded and no areas of the note can be edited.
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