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  1. Same issue here in 10.8.6 on macOS Big Sur: If I leave Evernote minimized for a few days, all notes come up blank when I bring it up again. Quitting and relaunching immediately fixes it each time.
  2. I can look at note history once I catch the error/if I catch the error, sure. I had one case where I provisioned the wrong source image on half a dozen servers because I'd previously overwritten one UUID with another. One string of 32 base-16 characters looks like another at a glance. Edit: Also, note history has limitations. It's only captured every eight hours, right? So values entered and destroyed within an 8 hour interval are lost unless the user hasn't closed the note and is able to find it in local undo/redo. On the whole, "locking" just seems like a helpful feature if there are a good number of users who are using part of Evernote for reference material, not only live docs. It might even make sense to allow Notes to inherit lock status from the Notebook level.
  3. Count me among the premium users who would like this option. I have a good number of notes which are there only for reference purpose, and where I frequently have to copy values out of the note. It's very easy to accidentally paste instead.
  4. I've created a separate request for iOS here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82054-request-improve-readability-small-fonts-on-mobile-without-altering-content/ I've provided a separate statement of the problem and possible solutions. Sometimes developers don't address a problem because they don't like the solution people campaign for, and going back to the original problem helps. Please, jump in with details or other possible solutions if you can think of anything. I'd love to be using Evernote more, but I've been relegated to printing to PDF and using Dropbox rather than Evernote for mobile reading.
  5. +1 here. Clipping articles in Evernote to read later on iPad is fairly difficult with current font sizes. The font is too small for my use on a regular iPad, and with an iPad Mini I have to hold it up to my face. iOS 8 has font scaling preferences which most new apps respect. Sadly if I change the font size there and then force kill and restart Evernote, it only affects the sidebar, not the content. A decent alternative would be some way of scaling individual articles and having them reflow. Two-finger zoom isn't a pleasant solution when one has to keep sweeping the article back and forth. Please don't make me go back to Instapaper for web clipping. It loses content. I'd love Instapaper's viewing options with Evernote's reliability.
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