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  1. Thank you, Gazumped, for your response. I fooled around with it on the Mac for a while, and was able to isolate the "conflicted" version into one note, and my good list into another, and delete the conflicted version. Then I was able to put the good one into a new notebook, and it synched with my Note 4. It's good to know you are there and so responsive! Carolyn
  2. I have been working on a long and complex List of TO DOs on both my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and my MacBook Pro. I also had a slightly different name for a previous version of this note. I didn't realize I had to sync each device after making changes. Today my list shows up on the MacBook as "Conflicting Changes" and it lists the title of the original note, which I may have deleted, but has saved the note -- but only on the MacBook. It is NOWHERE to be found on my Galaxy Note 4. I have tried syncing. I have read everything your staff has written about the subject that I could find, and have two comments: (1) Although I'm highly educated and intelligent, I found your explanation indecipherable, and (2) I did not find an explanation anywhere as to how to recover the Note on my Galaxy Note 4. Please help, as the whole reason I got Evernote was to be able to work on it from both sites, as well as remotely when I'm away from my computer . . . Thank you! Carolyn Long (BizTalk)
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