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  1. Just want to chime in here as a heavy Evernote (Premium) user who is afraid of getting retinal damage from the new design. (I'm on Yosemite.) But I think I figured out what needs to happen- if anyone from Evernote is reading this. A synopsis: transparency isn't necessarily the problem. The main problem is how the transparency behaves when there are other windows open behind the Evernote window. The transparency on the Mac client looks okay IF- and only IF- there are no other windows open behind it, and you have a darkish background. (I'd still prefer there to be more contrast.) However, if there are any windows open behind the Evernote window, odds are those windows are mostly white, and so the transparency on the Evernote window turns into a sea of white. If you look at one of the built-in Apple apps, like Calendar or Safari, the sidebar is only transparent when there are no other windows behind it. The sidebar does not remain transparent when it's layered on top of other open windows. In that case, it defaults to a wonderful greyish colour. Go try it out, and you'll see what I mean. Evernote desperately needs to include this same behaviour. The shades of grey it employs when layered on top of other windows are far too light. In my opinion, this is a crucial fix that needs to happen.
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