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  1. Just a suggestion. It would be really helpful if the available fonts in Evernote matched up with those in gmail. Currently, my default gmail font is sans serif, so every time I copy and paste a template into an email I have to select all the text and change the font, as sans serif isn't available in Evernote. It's not a big thing, but when doing it hundreds of times per day it does eat up a lot of time. Many thanks.
  2. Is there a method of changing the iphone reminder notification? Currently it's such a tiny little short beep I never actually hear it. i want to be able to increase the length of noise and change the sound. Is this possible? Already spent hours messing around with it to no avail. Many thanks.
  3. Excellent idea! Many thanks gazumped. Although maybe at some point in the future they'll include the functionality to be able to share a notebook with several people, but then tweak permissions of individual notes inside that notebook. Would be a useful feature - for me at least! But perhaps others too.
  4. Having just started to make use of the sharing features, for collaboration and project management in my business, there are several functions I'd like to see made available. Currently I'm not aware if there are ways of doing these things, and would be pleased to hear if anyone knows a method of doing them: 1. When I share a notebook, I can set permissions to view, edit, or edit and invite. However, there are some notes in the notebook that I only want my collaborators to be able to view, NOT to be able to edit. 2. When I share a notebook, I sometimes have several people I wish to share it with, as we're all working on the same project. However, whilst most of the notes in the notebook are for everyone I've shared it with, some of the notes are sensitive, and only relevant for individuals. It would be very useful to be able to manage permissions of these individual notes inside the shared notebook, so that some notes could be 'hidden' from the view of some of the collaborators. If anyone can think of a workaround for these issues I'd be very grateful. Many thanks. Geoff
  5. I'm wondering if the premium version might be better suited to my needs. Is there a free trial option? Or is it a case of purchasing it for a year and trying it out for myself? Thanks.
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