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  1. Hi all, and Geert in particular. The issue has been solved fast by the Evernote (thank you!). It's part of the next version of Evernote (and the newest beta right now: Evernote 6.11 Beta 2). Quote: "the issue you are experiencing should be resolved in the latest beta version of the app. To install the Evernote for Mac beta, follow these steps: Go to Evernote > Preferences > Software Update and check the box next to 'Update to beta versions when available' Go to Help > Check for Updates and install the latest beta Should you no longer want to continue on the beta track after updating, go back and uncheck the box next to 'Update to beta versions when available'. If you're currently on the Mac App Store build of Evernote, you must reinstall the direct download version in order to switch to the beta track. To determine which build of Evernote you're using, navigate to Evernote > About Evernote. If you're running the direct download, you'll see Direct in parentheses next to the version number. If you're running the Mac App Store version, you'll see App Store in parentheses. If you would prefer not to use a beta version, the title issue should also be fixed in the next update to the Mac desktop app. I don't have a firm timeline for when the next update will be released but I do expect it to be within the next month.
  2. Hi Geert, it's reported as a bug in customer support. I sent a screen recording and they're looking into it. I'll post the outcome here. Don't reinstall, it doesn't help. Cheers Maarten
  3. Thx a lot gazumped. Will see, submitted a ticket first.
  4. Hi Gazumped, I'm working on a Macbook, and I'm not fond of reinstalling if not really necessary. Glad you don't have the issue, but I do. Prompt is on the title bar, initial typing does not prevent `(geen titel)` to show up as a part of the new title ... Evernote 6.10 iOS 10.11.6
  5. Adding a new Note, starting with a title, Evernote copies 'no title' in the title bar and skips the first character I'm typing. I get this (Dutch): (geen titel)irst where I was typing First. See image. Is this a bug? It is really strange. Why add 'no title' btw? What's wrong with an empty bar?
  6. Hmm, my hurray was too early. After one session this old problem happens: 1. The icon dispappears from the menu, though it is still active (but not even shown under the tab-menu). 2. I'm logged out again. Only de-activating and activating again brings the webclipper back in function! (after logging in) Is there some other add-on interfering, like ghostery?
  7. Really glad, Web Clipper 6.0.26 works fine now on my Mac Firefox 38.0.5!
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