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  1. Sorry. I was wrong. I was prompted to check by another poster. There does not seem to be any association between LME & EN
  2. Glad you asked. You prompted me to check & I was wrong. LogMeIn does not seem to be associated with Evernote. They do own LastPass. I apologiseto all concerned.
  3. After experiencing things I didn't like with V.10 and reading all the complaints, a bell rang in my head. Evernote is owned by LogMeIn. LastPass is also owned by LogMeIn and a very similar update scenario occurred with LastPass. I am seriously entrenched in both LP & EN as they worked well before their major updates. In future I am afraid I will be very cautious about using any other products from the LogMeIn stable. p.s. 7/11/2020 SORRY SORRY SORRY..... Evernote does not seem to be owned by LogMeIn. Be very cautious about believing what I say.
  4. I found (stumbled on) that if I go File>LOGOUT (i.e. not QUIT) I'm asked if I want to backup locally. Dunno where that local backup goes though as I don't see a "browse to where you want it to go" option. I'd like an option called "Backup locally to" to replace the old "Export as .enex" (or what was wrong with the old system anyway?)
  5. I have encrypted notes. In my desktop version I can de-crypt & paste into the note, but with the Web version I can only paste above the decrypted area.
  6. Perhaps the system will be refined sometime. There's some underlying bugginess but I can live with it.
  7. Sorry for lack of clarity Jeff. I was using the free Evernote for Desktop v.6.22 at present but I have experienced it with all previous. I am referring to encrypted notes. Both my questions applied to those. The entire note is encrypted, not just a section. When I say "on my other screen" I mean on my other monitor screen (I have two, side by side). My second question refers to the situation where I have a completely encrypted note open on my lefthand monitor and a website page on the other. When the encrypted note disappears it is only the encrypted text that vanishes, leaving the "thing" one clicks to bring up the password but the encrypted text is gone. Then clicking the thing brings it all back (without needing the password), but by then I have often lost focus on where I wanted to paste the text I copied from the webpage. The Evernote text does not always vanish when clicking on the webpage. It is not a major problem but rather a minor intermittent annoyance bug.
  8. If I select some note text and then attempt to change its size from Tahoma 10 to 16 it works only sometimes. If I have a protected note open on one screen then click on a website on my other screen e.g. to select/copy text, the Evernote disappears and I have to click the thing that requires the password again.
  9. Damnation! The disappearance phenomenon happened again once just now but not since with several tries. The Hide or Show lies underneath the box surrounding the text. Clicking to change does nothing other than going from Hide to Change and vice versa. I can live with it but when one is reading from one screen then looking to the other and the Evernote text disappears (PLUS when you do get it back you may have to scroll to where you were at again) it destroys my thought flow.
  10. WHAT THE HECK????? This morning (28/11/2018) I was getting really bugged by this issue so I looked in here for replies. There were none so I started to re-word my question and had Evernote Desktop open on my left screen and this forum on the right. Wouldn't you know it ..... the problem has gone away. The only clue I can think of is that this morning when I had a Note de-crypted and then clicked on a browser page on my right hand screen, the Note text disappeared but about half way down on its right hand side I noticed the word "Show" or "Hide" so I clicked it. All that I think that did was change the word from Show to Hide or vice versa . I cannot see either of those words now. Anyway, this morning, because I had finished, I clicked File then Exit and here I am 6 hours later, with Evernote working just fine, unable to reproduce the problem, thoroughly bewildered, and reporting my experience. Now I'm off to take a Valium and have a lie down 😥
  11. Using W8.2 and evernote v 6.16 desktop version. I have 2 screens. I usually copy and paste from one screen into encrypted Evernotes on the other. Lately, if I click on the non Evernote screen the text in the evernote disappears and I have to click on the encryption icon (top left corner of the note) to get the text back. At least I do not have to re-type the encryption password. I hoped installing the latest version 6.16 would fix.
  12. To get rid of bullet point, use Word processors which usually have a "Find" tool, from which you can "Replace" e.g. with a space, or delete etc. Then copy and past into Evernote.
  13. I cannot see the password box in "Web". I see the thing to click but clicking does 0. I haven't tried encrypting in Web via Google.
  14. Hi, I have encryption working OK for my free Desktop version Windows 8 but have tried it with the WEB version and Google browser on PC and chromebook and the decryption passphrase field is not popping up. I have re- tried after disabling my blockers (Disconnect and Privacy Badger) and chrome browsing data. I do not see any limitation mentioned in the desktop Help.
  15. p.s. in My Account I found a toggle between a new Evernote Web and the old version. I tried the new one and was immediately in more familiar territory where for instance My Account is right up the top. I would still like to see a dedicated [Logout] up in the top right-hand corner though as logging out is good practice for security reasons.
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