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  1. I just got the 6.0.5 update which claims to have upped the contrast and fixed the sidebar icons. It looks almost the same as previous updates to me. What the hell?
  2. I also have to add how buggy the new UI is. It really looks like an unfinished product. https://agentsupport.evernote.com/attachments/token/MuQQ0Mr2gAcy0JIDApxIkqjpb/?name=evernote-bug.png
  3. Why not just simply use the UI from the Android/iOS versions in the desktop client? It's infinitely better and still has a simpler UI but with actual contrast, distinguible separation of each section, and of course the signature green. The current UI introduced in version 6 is terribly dull, counter-productive and a step backwards in functionality and design.
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