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  1. It just happened for the second time: In the middle of me typing into a note the page reloads and I see two versions of the same note. I'm a long-term user of Evernote, and this has happened a long time ago already. Along with the still unsolved issue of lists losing their indentation, it's another issue that makes me lose patience with Evernote. If the company does not fix such blatant usability issues fast its customers will lose their confidence in the product.
  2. Same issue here, also Premium user, also Chrome/web and Evernote/Mac. The community is waiting 8 months for a known and highly annoying problem... what's going on, Evernote?
  3. When using Evernote in my browser it always shows a link popup on hover. In 99% of the cases I didn't want this and it got into my way editing the text around the link. I suggest to instead show a small pencil icon instead that can be clicked. When clicked, it shows the 'Edit link' menu as per current behaviour.
  4. Each time I open the stand-alone Evernote application, the first thing I do is to right-click on the tag view and select "Show all tags". This is annoying. I suggest to add a preference option that allows users to set this behaviour, e.g. ( ) Always expand tags
  5. Hi all, I used to be able to just place the cursor into the last table cell at the bottom and press Tab, and Evernote added a new, empty row. With Version 6.12.2 and the new tables this has ceased to work. Even hovering over the Plus icon below the last row and clicking on it doesn't produce a new empty row for me. Anyone experiencing the same? Cheers!
  6. To go back to the old version: Click on your avatar icon in the bottom left corner Select Account summary (should be selected by default) Find the Evernote Web section Click Go back to old version Note that I have been an avid defender of the old version as well (see my previous post), but have come to realise that a lot of my notes became corrupted – wrong formatting, extra empty lines, and, worst of them all, all lists at just one single indentation level. Evernote support informed me that this is a known bug of the old version, and it won't be fixed. Reluctantly, I have moved to the new version and found myself comfortable using it now.
  7. I contacted Evernote, and the info I received was that the old version is no longer supported, so there won't be a fix. So I hesitantly switched to the new version, and I must say after using it for two weeks now I haven't had any issues with lists. I've restored some of the notes that had lost indentation and so far they keep it.
  8. I just read the first post of this thread, and mind you he could have written it right now in January 2017. Evernote Web (the good old version) keeps reformatting my unordered lists to one level only which is extremely annoying as all hierarchy gets lost. I still have access to the properly formatted previous history of the note, but even if I create a brand new note and paste the good version in it gets reformatted the next time I open it. Evernote, get this fixed ASAP!
  9. Maybe it's time for Evernote to question if it makes sense to go along with the trend for clean, whitespace-rich web pages. I've been using EN for many years now, and the current web client works very well for me. Here's what an excellent article (http://uxmag.com/articles/the-experience-makes-the-product-not-the-features) says about a user's experience: Given that almost all posts in this thread are negative about the new UI, I wonder who they tested the new one with. We can only vote with our feet. As someone pointed out: if the new UI makes it live, and we cannot revert, we need to flood this forum until EN listens, and use the desktop client in the meantime.
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