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  1. The problem of multiple duplicate notes is there even if you are using evernote from one device at the time. It's just a bug, nothing more, with no excuse at all. I've moved to another cross-device app and never experienced this problem again.
  2. 1 - People who use a web client, use it in different computers, that's the idea behind it. 2 - Using an external word processor is too much work. Google drive would be much more practical than that. 3 - If the web client loses connection, and saves the note... why does it create a new one? The app knows by an internal id that you are editing the very same note. It makes no sense. I repeat, I've tried a few other apps, with the same stable connection, and none of them does this.
  3. Well.. It's a shame, since I really loved Evernote. I'm not saying this to bash it, but I then started searching another service to replace it. If this work for you, this is what I tried: I tried OneNote, but it doesn't sort notes by last modification I wanted to use Keep ( because I use Google services a lot, and I'm an android user ) but it doesn't allow importing from Evernote So I settled down with Nimbus Note, from Everhelper. It's simple.. it doesn't have all the same features as Evernote, and it's kinda new so it's not perfectly polished, but it works pretty similiar to it
  4. I used to love Evernote too. When all my friends were swtiching from Evernote to Keep (because they all had this same issue) I stayed, hoping it will get fixed. Today, I have to admit they were right. I will switch to Nimbus ( it's not as powerful as Evernote, but it has all I need: Multi-platform, Search, Import from Evernote, Sort by modification date, Tags, etc ). If some day Evernote decides to fix this problem I'll be back.
  5. Boohoo post? Adressing a bug that has been around for years even if it was reported is a boohoo post, yeah, totally.
  6. Ok, now I'm getting this problem on a daily basis. I'm not having conectivity issues at all. This is in fact the only web app that's making this kind of problems to me. This is making Evernote almost impossible to use. I have to check manually wich is the last version of the note, or I'll lose changes. Tried switching to Onenote, but they don't have the avility to sort notes by modification date. If anyone can suggest a good alternative (not Keep, since I can't migrate), I would appreciate it. Hope Evernote realize this before people start going into other apps.
  7. I would add drag & drop for tags, that's gone too
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