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  1. I played with the updated Penultimate, and the Apple Pencil works much better than before! Once the pencil touches the screen, the app ignores input from my hand. I just have to remember to be careful with my hand each time I change tools, because with each tool selection (pen, highlighter, eraser) it will accept input from my hand (like if I bump the screen) until the Pencil touches the screen again. I'd like a "stylus only" option, but it works great otherwise.

  2. I just got an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and I'm having the same problem, especially when I write the letter 'a'. It's as if the app interprets the motion as an attempt to erase. But Evernote doesn't support a motion for erasing, like some other apps do. In another app I had to disable the "erase recognition" because every time I wrote an 'e', it thought I was zig-zagging to erase. But Evernote doesn't do that. Strange why my 'a' disappears sometimes -- especially if I write it quickly.

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