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  1. Hey nice work! I've been looking for something better than the web interface that will allow markdown to be used for composing notes. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it has been provided through the editor that I use daily. Very well done. I'm wondering if there is any plans for expanding the syntax. If so, I'd like to put forth a request for the following: ``` // a bunch of code ``` and ```[some language name] // syntax highlighted code ``` This is something used pretty often on github, as I'm sure you're aware. All the best!
  2. Sorry about that - I guess this one got away from me. I ended up using the web app to manage the sharing settings that I needed. It appears I still can't do it via the mac app. Premium User 6.0.5 Mac OSX 10.10.1
  3. Right, of course. That's how I would go about doing it. However the menu item doesn't exist for notebooks that I started sharing before the update, and although the menu item does exists for notebooks that I started sharing since the update, after clicking "Manage Sharing" there is no option to remove folk who I am sharing with - only a publish public link option. Thanks for the quick response. You're on the ball.
  4. I know that the new mac version of Evernote - 6.0, comes with some pretty significant changes - which is great and wonderful. However, I just wanted to point out that it appears to have lost the ability to manage sharing permissions like the old version did. More specifically, I often share a class notebook for school with some buddies in the class, and then revoke the privileges once the term ends for my own safe keeping. As it stands, I need to open up the web version of evernote to do this. Just wanted to point that out. Thanks p.s. if there is a better place for me to post the occasional bug report, please let me know.
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