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  1. Dark theme, yes. Please. Or any color other than white and off-white.
  2. Dark theme please. Or a theme which consists of more colors than 95% white, 97% white & 100% white. I have EN on two computers and my phone. Thankfully, one computer is not on auto-update and is still on 5. I thought I'd accidentally updated it to 6 and I audibly yelled, "no! no! no!" in my office. Not the reaction you want to your product. I am getting a nice tan from 6's new brightness.
  3. I agree with pretty much all the criticizms that have been voiced. So, hopefully what I say is new. I have been a huge fan of Evernote since I first downloaded it a couple years ago. Some of it's ways are a little wonky, but I learned to figure it out. I use it for shopping, writing, traveling, research, personal projects and professional. I've used it to put together proposals, write letters, track recipes, concerts, even write a eulogy. So, as you can imagine, I have very personal feelings about this product. It has been constant and reassuring and ever-present. On my desktop, laptop, phone. I could open up the app or the webapp, see the greens and dark grays and feel somewhat assured. I was in Evernote and this place was as recognizable and comfortable to me as American Express or Adobe or Facebook. So, it's somewhat baffling to me that you are seeking to abandon that brand recognition. And, furthermore, that you're willing to execute this transition so poorly. I upgraded to 6.0 on the first day (then 6.0.2) and have found myself giving up. All sense of hierarchy is gone. The columns and rows all run together and look like a poorly aligned excel spreadsheet. Where once there was order, now there's noise. Where I once opened up Evernote to jot notes and capture items, now I find myself hesitating, even returning to Notes or a txt or google docs. You say that the design is the way all apps are going and "we had usability experts ok the design, you're wrong if you think things are less legible." These defenses make me feel like you're completely out of touch with your users or the way they're using your product. Thank you for throwing us a bone in 6.0.2 and changing the leftmost column from 97% white to 92%. Honestly it's an improvement. But did you really think that 97% white provides enough contrast for the average user in real environments? "But it's lightnening fast." Great. I'd be fine if your upgrades resulted in improved interactivity and functionality rather than solving issues I never had. I'm not a premium user. Aside from any possible data mining, you make no money off of me. I don't expect unlimited functionality and customization. But I do expect that your upgrades should improve the functionality and usability of your product. That I can use your product the way you intend it to be used. That I can see the buttons I'm supposed to see and read the text, all text and not question what's where or what's what. So that I can continue to use it and promote it to my friends without caveats or exemptions. And if you're not going to do that, enable me to downgrade to a previous version.
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