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  1. Novelist wanting to use Evernote most efficiently.

    1. Christopher Moss

      Christopher Moss

      Just point me in the right direction.

  2. OK, I am brand new Evernote. I just figured out where my emails to Evernote end up, so I feel pretty good about that... One thing I would like to know... I am using a monthly calendar template. I have to scroll through old months to get where I left off.. it being January that's not so bad. But there must be a way to mark the calendar so I can find the current date. Can someone tell me? I also would like to know where to find checklist templates. I am sorry, but I am legally blind and it can take some fairly specific instructions to make me see what I need. Thanks to
  3. I have so much to learn.. where can I do this?

  4. How can I indicate that a particular note or tag is private?

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