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  1. Hi Gock Just bough Marxico for a year. I would like to suggest some features. 1) Please implemented Dirac notation (I've added a code block below showing how easily to do it with mathjax), this is critical for Chemists and Physicists. 2) Alt-text for the latex equations would be great (or hidden captions). This would be especially helpful when a document is exported as HTML from Evernote and the equations are embedded a SVG and one wishes to obtain the raw Latex. 3) It would be great if it would be possible to create templates for Marxico. Every day I use the same basic template for my lab
  2. I would like to say a big thank you for this application, I just found it today and I must say i'm extremely impressed. I'm a scientist who has to deal with large equations and the Latex in marxico is simply amazing. You have managed to turn evernote from a simple note taking application into a very powerful lab book. If I can make a couple suggestions (although I appreciate these are rather bespoke to me): Fortran highlight support could use a revamp. It seems it doesn't highlight variables. The Latex equations look great, although for anyone in physics the ability to use dirac notation w
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