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  1. Hi Gock Just bough Marxico for a year. I would like to suggest some features. 1) Please implemented Dirac notation (I've added a code block below showing how easily to do it with mathjax), this is critical for Chemists and Physicists. 2) Alt-text for the latex equations would be great (or hidden captions). This would be especially helpful when a document is exported as HTML from Evernote and the equations are embedded a SVG and one wishes to obtain the raw Latex. 3) It would be great if it would be possible to create templates for Marxico. Every day I use the same basic template for my lab book with standard headings and I have to copy and pate them to a new document each day. TeX: { equationNumbers: { autoNumber: "AMS" }, Macros: { vec: ['\\boldsymbol\{ #1\}', 1], ket: ['\\left|#1\\right\\rangle', 1], bra: ['\\left\\langle #1\\right|', 1], ketbra: ['\\left|#1\\rangle\\!\\langle #2\\right|', 2], braket: ['\\left\\langle #1\\middle\\vert #2 \\right\\rangle', 2], },
  2. I would like to say a big thank you for this application, I just found it today and I must say i'm extremely impressed. I'm a scientist who has to deal with large equations and the Latex in marxico is simply amazing. You have managed to turn evernote from a simple note taking application into a very powerful lab book. If I can make a couple suggestions (although I appreciate these are rather bespoke to me): Fortran highlight support could use a revamp. It seems it doesn't highlight variables. The Latex equations look great, although for anyone in physics the ability to use dirac notation would be amazing. This is where you have something like <ij|kl>. Proper formatting is normally enabled by using \usepackage{braket}, or better yet something like \mathcode`<="4268 \mathcode`>="5269 Some type of caption support may be useful. The ability to tag any note written in evernote as openable in marxico would be helpful. The ability to one day push to ghost may be useful (which I believe is already in markdown).Please let me know if there is anywhere more official you would want feedback left, i.e a bugzilla or github page. Simon.
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