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  1. Also having problems with new update. Quite like the new style but 3 main issues: Print margins have been increased even further - was bad before, but now can barely fit 10 words on a line of A4, Note title changes to 'untitled' every time you go to print and then close the print options, Crashes at least twice a day and cause seems to be different every time. Print margins most important for me as I print all my notes for University! - will move to Notability if not sorted
  2. I agree with reducing print margins. Seems to have been an issue for a while and has just got even worse since updating to the latest version 6.0 (post-Yosemite). I use Evernote for University notes which I like to print and am now considering moving over to Notability simply for this reason, despite Evernote having a much better interface, cloud sync and formatting features. With the default size 13 font, I can only fit about 13 words on a line of A4. If you are able to make margins EVEN BIGGER in the latest update, what stops them being made much smaller or adjustable?
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