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  1. Yes, this is a real pain. My workaround, which irritates me but works, it to first paste into Word, the select all copy and paste into Evernote. Its awful but it works. Pasting from the same text copied from Word yields the correct spacing in Evernote. Seems like Evernote is not translating line breaks in HTML to maintain correct formatting. BTW, Apple Notes has the same problem. Easy to reproduce: On MacOS, Copy from any Google Doc, Paste into the Mac Evernote App. Every line has an extra spacing. Cross Platform has nothing to do with it.
  2. Yes, that's what I described in my OP. After reboot, all is well. I suspect the Evernote Helper didn't exit gracefully after the install and then Evernote couldn't relaunch. Thank you for the follow up! Gary
  3. FYI, since updating, Evernote won't launch. I did the in place update - it just goes unresponsive in the Force Quit menu and the main Evernote window doesn't come up. I force quit the app then downloaded from this link and did a manual install with same result. Going to restart (uugh) and see what happens. First time an update hasn't come up cleanly for me. Running OS X 10.9.5 (13F34) on a MacBook Air
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