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  1. Fundamentally, all of the "improvements" described above still fall WAY short, and don't really address the biggest issue with the new Penultimate, which is that the new "zoom box" is so vastly inferior to the old full page zoom that it is almost inconceivable that anyone could have thought the change would be an improvement. The old, full screen zoom (with the semi-transparent full page behind it) was revolutionary, it was brilliant. This new zoom box makes Penultimate nothing more than a clone of Noteshelf and Notes Plus (except that both of them are better executed, so it's a poor imitation at best). Luckily I still had an old version in my iTunes and was able to delete the new version and downgrade back to the old one. But if it weren't for the Evernote syncing, I would have given up on Penultimate all together.
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