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  1. Yes. Thank you. Assigning a tag will hide notes from searches. I am requesting that notes can be hidden whether or not I am searching. Simply hidden, all the time, unless I want to see them. I appreciate the work arounds. I am asking for a built-in capability. Thanks again.
  2. This seems a complex discussion relative to a request for a simple capability. The capability to hide a note. Go to iPhoto. Click a photo. Right click. Hide. In the menus there is "show hidden photos." I don't want to have to have a whole 'nother desk just to have a drawer to put private stuff in, so co-workers sitting with me don't see them. Please just give me the ability to hide a note.
  3. They could. They could do a lot of things. Whether they do or not is an entirely different matter. It may be they plan to do it but it's a low priority. Or they may decide they simply don't want to add it, for whatever reason. I think @Jefito's post is the best and most logical solution. It's perfect - what more could one ask for? I really don't get why someone would want to go to the effort to hide specific notes. Some of those hidden notes will then have to be shown to a different client. Then what? You unhide those that you need for the next client and then hide what was previously v
  4. Or Evernote could make it a feature. iPhoto (Mac) has such a feature: individual photos can be hidden and the hiding for all (hidden) photos can be turned on and off with a hiding master switch. Simple and great.
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