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  1. Hi I scan business cards with scannable App, but it saves only to ever notes it doesn't save to contacts ? so is that possible ? and how ? Kindest Regards
  2. Hi The new UI/UX is very nice and simple, not confusing like the previous one, although it took you long time to do it, anyway I have some points regarding the new UI First I don't like the positioning of search box at top its not symmetrical the space above it is less than below and doesn't give sense of harmony, you can remove it since you have dedicated page for search. Now I expect that theres new update coming to Mac where the UI will be same as the web edition nice and simple, one thing I don't like is the border around selected cell of note, maybe its nicer to make it highlight green with white content, same for iPad as I think it have a border effect also. Also its nice the tools you provided for writing on opened files such as pdf in the iPad, but maybe you give us a pen to write on the file pages as well, and not limiting text writing with the comic effect of black and yellow thing, also when we write in notes with hand writing mode its nice if you let us continue writing and scrolling down same like One Note and no limiting us with page hight, or width even, we can continue writing and note view scrolls either vertically or horizontally Kindest Regards
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