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  1. Hey Nonikwe, Thanks for the info. I have managed to find in one of my archives an older version, thus tried to reinstall, but eventually faced the same as you have. The older version can't deal with the accumulated notebooks I have, which has been altered with version v6. Although I loved the old and sincerely hate the new one, there was no way to stick with this rubbish.. I have jumped ship onto GoodNotes 4. To tell you the truth, it was a wise decision, couldn't be happier with it. All I can say, Good riddance Evernote
  2. Hi everyone, I've done the regretful of upgrading to version 6.0 and no means of downgrading. Any way to get hold of the v5.3.2 .ipa file? I have searched the whole site, but no avail, couldn't find any way to achieve getting it back. Thanks Rob
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