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  1. I'm using Catalina. I finally updated Evernote today without knowing that the offline note is no longer supported. I tried export it and it showed an error: "Failed to Export Notes There was a problem and we couldn’t export your notes. Please try again." I saw in a thread that this issue was resolved Oct 26 with 10.5. But in my machine, it still persists. I need to export it in some way.
  2. Hi, I'm using a Mac version and an Android version. One of my friend shared a notebook with me. I can see her notes of the shared notebook in my Mac evernote when I use "Notes" tab in the left column of the software, which is a desired behavior from my point of view. But I cannot see her notes under "all notes" menu in my Android app, which is not good for me. I have to navigate to her shared notebook. I also realized that the behavior is the same for the web version (i.e., I have to navigate to "Joined notebooks"). 1. I don't understand why evernote uses different terms for the same thing ("all notes", "Notes", "Shared notebooks", "Joined notebooks", etc...) 2. Is there any way to make those notes from other user's shared notes appear under the "all notes" of my Android app? Thank you.
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