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  1. I'm using Catalina. I finally updated Evernote today without knowing that the offline note is no longer supported. I tried export it and it showed an error: "Failed to Export Notes There was a problem and we couldn’t export your notes. Please try again." I saw in a thread that this issue was resolved Oct 26 with 10.5. But in my machine, it still persists. I need to export it in some way.
  2. Hi, I'm using a Mac version and an Android version. One of my friend shared a notebook with me. I can see her notes of the shared notebook in my Mac evernote when I use "Notes" tab in the left column of the software, which is a desired behavior from my point of view. But I cannot see her notes under "all notes" menu in my Android app, which is not good for me. I have to navigate to her shared notebook. I also realized that the behavior is the same for the web version (i.e., I have to navigate to "Joined notebooks"). 1. I don't understand why evernote uses different terms for the same thing
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