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  1. Hey everyone. I have researched this on Google to try and find a solution, but it has lead to no success. My client has 2 computers in the front of his office. He calls the Front Desk, Back Desk. His employees work off these two computers to handle all the misc. tasks that happen at this front desk. He is an Evernote Business subscriber and all his employees have their own login for EB. I set them up a daily tasks notebook with a template of their daily task list in the notebook which they copy and create a note off of every day. The issue they are running into now is: 1 employee will be logged in and working on the task list, but this causes the task list to become unusable by the other employee. The other employee sees the icon of the employee who is editing the note as well as sees a blue box around the note (snippet view) with an arrow pointed up. While the note is like this, the employee who is not editiing the note can click the note, but cannot type or check boxes off. The funny thing is, when the editing employee clicks a different note and leaves the subject note, the note is still "locked", even after syncing on both machines. I tested this from my office to his (I am also a user in his group while we get him set up), and I was able to edit the note, sync and then he saw the changes immediately on his end. He then made an edit and synced and I saw his changes. I never left the note at all and we were able to "collaborate" pretty much in real-time (using sync) without any locks or blocking of editing. Any ideas on this? (Sorry for the long winded note, I hope I was able to explain the situation clearly). Sorry, one more thing... It seems as though if left alone, the note will free itself back up and become editable by someone else. But the timeframe is unknown and seems to differ from time to time.
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