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  1. Great explanation Phil! Thankyou very much for your contribution. I'm going to follow your instructions. J4M.-
  2. Dear DTLow, Noteshelf offers me a great tool with the Noteshlef app. Its more easy to write and it seems a real papel notebook. I use Evernote for Sync that App and other works. Why don't help and tell something worthy and stop spam? A Guru give solutions, not words. Thankyou very much.
  3. Hello again, in the log file of Noteshelf, it seems to be an error owns to Evernote server: "24/11/16 17:41:50 CET Publish failed with reason: Rate limit reached. Error: Error Domain=ENErrorDomain Code=10 "Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote." UserInfo={rateLimitDuration=1346, EDAMErrorCode=19, NSLocalizedDescription=Application reached hourly API call limit to Evernote.}" The answer from Evernote Team doesn't tell me nothing: "Hola, Gracias por contactar al equipo de soporte de Evernote. Mi nombre es Gio. Entiendo que estás experimentando proble
  4. Hello, I'm an Evernote Premium user, I use Noteshelf in iPad everyday and I have a lot of notebooks created with that App. From 3 days ago, sync failed, and this message appears in Noteshelf: "Sync failed with reason: Rate limit reached." If you visit the link below, Noteshelf explains: "Rate Limit ReachedEvernote server accepts only a certain number of requests from each user per hour. If you hit this hourly limit, you have to wait another hour to resume sync. If this is the error message you are seeing, just ignore it as the sync will automatically resume after some
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