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  1. Absolutely high CPU load remains unchanged, despite uninstalling Evernote, then applying App Cleaner and rebooting my MacBook Pro and then downloading and reinstalling Evernote from the Evernote website evernote20210130.pdf
  2. I'm observing for many weeks that the "Evernote Helper (Renderer)" process is absorbing up to 200% or even more of CPU (MacBook Pro). The latest EN version 10.5.7 did not solve the problem. Deleting evernote/cache didn't help either. A solution to the problem does not seem to be in sight.
  3. same observation, Evernote system quality getting worse and worse
  4. The search item window or box in the toolbar is too small. When I search for notes with a specific tag, and when the tag I select is a longer word, I have no chance to add in the search box an additional search criteria. Therefore, the search box should be larger. In the previous Evernote versions it worked fine but now? evernotesearchnoteitem.pptx.pdf
  5. I’m using Web Clipper 6.11 on Chrome 57.0.2987.133 and MacOS 10.12.3. My Web Clipper (WC) keeps logging out again and again as other users experienced so far. Un-installing and re-installing the WC nor computer shutdown and restart didn’t help. I’m looking back to the good old times when WC was stable.
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