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  1. Stacking is great in some situations. It's a nice tool to have and I do use it. But nested notebooks (just two levels even) and !!! manual sort !!! would bring a much more productive and efficient workflow to EN for some of its users.
  2. + 1 billion for manual sort My current solution... Manual sort of Notebooks and notes and nesting Notebooks (even just a couple of levels) would make EN the go to for all my personal and professional projects rather than just some of them.
  3. The rigidity of Notebooks/notes and their inability to be made to behave is what makes me give up on using Evernote as more than just a handy memory or sharing tool. If I could sort more effecivley or even have a custom order and (god forbid) add a little more hierarchy when needed it would make Evernote as important to me as Lightoom and Photoshop. Right now it's about as important to me as a spare gmail account.| Edit: if someone out there has suggestions for how to make Evernote work better for me I'm all ears
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