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  1. Thanks, I will I'm still trying to understand why Evernote issues major updates with reduced functionality.
  2. The major overhaul of Android Evernote is being true to form: major new problems and reduced functionality. 1. When I try to send the contents of a website to a note using the web clipper (through 'share'), the Evernote window where I can change notebooks or add tags is frozen. It says 'Loading'...but never completes. I have alot of tags and many notebooks, but this was not a problem in the older Android Evernote. My tags seem to appear in Evernote (but not my notebooks), 2. My notebooks are missing (stored under various categories). The categories appear but no notebooks within t
  3. Thank you very much for the link to the Legacy Evernote. I hope this is only a stopgap measure.
  4. For the life of me I don't understand how newer versions of Evernote (for Web or PC) REDUCE functionality available in earlier additions. It seems that in the new Evernote for Web (which looks exactly like the PC desktop version) you CANNOT select more than one note after searching by tag yields several (or a bunch) of notes falling under the same tag. This is doable in the desktop PC version of Evernote (when and if it loads). I have never seen or used a PC application which doesn't allow multiple item selection. I used to be able to select a bunch of tags (or eliminate tags
  5. I too need to edit my Evernote user dictionary. However, I can't find it in Windows 8.1 searching for 'Evernote\Dict\' or even 'AppData'. Where is it?
  6. Is there any way to search on multiple tags? By that I mean Boolean search (AND, OR) using more than one tag. Thanks
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