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  1. First time on here after using Evernote in previous versions quite happily for months, and being very productive. Of course this will be a frustrated rant Trying to share a notebook with the 'work chat' interface from Evernote for Mac is driving me crazy. I have no idea if I'm sending a message or an invite or what. Then the person I tried to share the notebook with got a work chat message from me, in the iOS Evernote app, which has a thing that looks like a button corresponding to the notebook that my Evernote for Mac app says is shared with them, but the 'button' doesn't do anything on a press. A long press just puts a Copy button up. There seems to be no way for the person I'm corresponding with to accept my invitation to the notebook. [Update: turns out it was an older version of Evernote for iOS with a bug that was fixed by an update] I'd ask if I'm doing something stupid, but something this non-intuitive can't possibly be my fault... By the way, "Work chat" is a truly terrible name for a feature. Is work supposed to be a noun or a verb here? How about "chat"? So far, it doesn't 'work' and it's forced me to 'chat' here.
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