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  1. I get that you're an end-user. But when people upgraded to 6.0, there were a slew of problems and folks said, "don't worry... 6.0.1 is here..." Then folks had more problems with 6.0.1 and people upgraded, there were more problems and folks said again, "don't worry.... 6.0.2 is here..." Etc. Saying 6.0.3, which has been out for a couple of days and has a new thread of how it's hampered users make this a pretty weak panacea.
  2. uhhhhhh.... Have you seen the threads that just started warning of problems with 6.0.3? What's up with this company? It's sad...
  3. The issue has been resolved for me. That issue was Evernote desktop for Mac and PC not syncing. It also entailed very slow response time (including not working at all) to accessing Evernote via a browser. My observations from the experience is this: At no point did the status page or twitter show any system issues despite complaints appearing here and on social media.Several people raised support tickets that have never been responded to by the company. I know that I opened two tickets and have not heard anything.Several people had no luck with the chat support. Folks are quibbling about maybe it taking longer, but I made a half dozen different attempts and at times kept the window open for over an hour while reading.My takeaway? Evernote is a great product and I will continue to use it.Evernote is NOT a product I can recommend for corporate use (an evaluation I've been doing prior to making any recommendations). This isn't due to product instability (which is a concern) but due to their VERY poor support, which is the kiss of death.My recommendation to the company is that they need to determine if they want to continue to be an end-user focused software company or one going after the Enterprise market. They seem to be pouring a lot of money into features that are of very questionable value and do not really fit into the core product. That's fine. The problem is that they seem to be trying to position themselves for corporate use while still running support like it's a three-guys-in-a-garage company. Not answering Premium chat lines? Not answering your support trouble tickets over a week later? You will not survive in the corporate arena with this. You might consider doubling down on the consumer market.
  4. There are multiple threads on this. Many of us are experiencing this issue. Multiple folks have submitted multiple trouble tickets and not received responses. They are also not responding to the chat line from their support site. Not sure what's going on over there....
  5. Have rebooted several times. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. By the time folks come to a product community support page, odds are good they've rebooted. That said, it always bears repeating.
  6. I am not seeing the titling issues. I am having slowness of syncing to the point of erroring out. I consistently get an error message that reads "Synchronization failed" for my Mac. Occasionally I get a "failure to sync" to a specific article that I had to delete. You can see more reports of this syncing issue beyond just Macs. I'm not sure if they are related or separate issues: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78382-evernote-syncing-down/ It's nice of you to reply on the forums. It would also be helpful if folks would respond to trouble tickets and answer the chat windows. I've been staring at one on my computer for over an hour. This makes it very hard to go after enterprise business....
  7. This is not isolated to 6.0.0. I have been having these problems on 6.0.2. This has been happening over the past several days. I have opened a trouble ticket but have not heard back yet. I tried using Chat support window this morning and this afternoon and I had the "next available agent will be with you shortly" with no one picking up on the other end. I've been trying to pitch Evernote for use at work, but with this level of support, it's going to be a very tough sell...
  8. I've been having this problem too. It's happening on my Mac as well as my PC (both desktop versions). I already submitted a trouble ticket. There was Evernote communication that this has been happening on the Mac but is likely isolated to 6.0.0 and recommended folks upgrade to 6.0.1, but it is also occurring in 6.0.2. Bad stuff. Evernote has been essentially non-functioning since Thursday and no response from the company...
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