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  1. Well amazon is just an example. But yes, emails from monitoring, event orders, etc. go or will go directly to Evernote. There quite a few emails where I do not have influence on the subject line. Amazon was just an example. And email forwarding is not e mail client but a mail server task. I don't want to rely on client software for business automation, right?
  2. Hello Chris, see me last answer: I simply can't call Amazon and tell them "hey guys, please add a @orders to all of your emails you send to me." :-( Jan
  3. Thanks for the link! This just works for some and manual emails. Not for the examples given there like newsletters, order confirmations, ... :-(
  4. Hello, two things I miss about sending emails to evernote: 1. Direct email for notebooks There should be an email address for each notebook. E-Mails could directly be sent to special mailboxes. 2. Tagging incoming emails I'd like to add default tags like "new" to emails added to a notebook. Jan
  5. Hello, I use notebooks to organize events. After an even I want to "archive" these notebooks. That means for me that they don't appear in the notebook list and they won't appear in the search. Just on special request "show archived notebooks" or "search archived notebooks" will show them. This would help to work more efficiently and speed up usage of Evernote. Jan
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