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  1. Never commented on one of these before, but the sheer awfulness of the new UI approach has compelled me to make the effort. First, Evernote employees, I went through the thread for the initial v6.0 release and found your defensiveness abhorrent. Many, many users of your product told you in no uncertain terms that the new UI is more difficult to read because of too much brightness, loss of contrast, small list/preview fonts; and you have the gall to tell them, 'No, you're wrong--we had legibility experts (or whatever) consult for this latest version.' Are you kidding me? The defensiveness and lack of humility in your response to a huge number of aligned and unambiguous pieces of feedback alone makes me want to cancel my premium subscription. Your arrogance responding to feedback is pitiful. Second, the 'improvements' in this updated version are minimal and frankly insulting. You've made the sidebar text a little darker and some lines more prevalent, also a background here and there a smiiidge more gray, but that's it. You have not increased the sidebar/note preview font sizes to make them easier to read; your app is still an over-bright, washed-out looking piece of amateurish junk that remains an immense step down from v5 and its iterations (which I have returned to, thank goodness). If you want to investigate a well-designed popular app that's focused on easy reading, check out Reeder. That is assuming, of course, that you're even willing to listen to several hundreds of viciously negative responses to the new, "improved" UI in the Mac App Store, and several ones here as well. I don't know what else to tell you -- anyone can see how much of a step down the new UI is. You don't have to be a legibility expert for your eyes to hurt even trying to read it now, compared to the v5 releases. tl;dr: listen to your customers instead of arrogantly telling them they must be wrong because you hired legibility consultants or experts or whatever (clearly, you hired the wrong people)even in v6.02, your app is still too bright, lacks contrast, and is hard to read for those reasons and because of small sidebar/note preview text sizesyou really released this thing? And called its design an "improvement"?!
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