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  1. Exactly the same issue, almost immpossible to type and to navigate in the text with cursor. Since the first 6.xx version. It's been 2 months guys, please do something.
  2. Guys, the mac app is barely usable. It is almost impossible to type in text. As the above post mentions, there are lag spike like things. I've turned off context, all the language and grammar options, every search option, still it is not better. I loved Evernote before, now it is pain to type into it. Please fix this issue somehow. Thanks in advance. PS. It's been like this since at least a month, please don't neglect this. This issue makes your wonderful application not functional for many mac users.
  3. Hey, I'm using Evernote on a 2014 Air and on a 2011 MacBook Pro. Since 6.0.1 the editing speed became extremely slow on both systems (both Yosemite). I barelly can use it. So frustrating. The editing, and text selecting is slow, but it gets worse with time, so sometimes I leave the note I'm using, I'm switchint to another note then back and this fixes the issue for a few minutes. Please do something with this issue, because editing is and text selecting and such are basic editor functinons, these has to work. I tried to turn off everything form grammar, to context and search, also tried to reboot, and restart, still the same. Please fix this, thank you in advance.
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