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  1. People! Wake up and abondon any hope! We have written dozens of posts requesting return to the old version. And what is the outcome- zero, null, total silence. They simply do not give a damn about our thoughts. They know better. If someone ignores me then I am not going to beg for his/her attention. I will survive without Penaultimate. Let's see how they will survive without customers. I turn to Goodnotes and say Bye Bye ...
  2. it is interesting to see how sensitive the administrator of this forum is. The word above which i used was "crab" spelled with p at the end. Pity that people responsible for the app did not exercise similar level of sensivity when introducing that "crabby" version 6 of the software....
  3. I fully agree with DotJot post above. 6.0.1 is still a ***** and a major step back when compared to verdion 5. I would have never ever decided to choose penultimate if I were offered it in this bloody user unfriendly 6 version. Landscape mode does not work, layout and menu sucks. I want software I paid for !
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