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  1. Hi Carosch Could you post a screenshot of the updated preference screen and the resulting evernote notebooks in dark mode ? I am curious. I couldn't manage to get mine even after installing this version. Best, Miguel. Hi Miguel, Here it is : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2291254/Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%202015-09-21%20%C3%A0%2007.14.01.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2291254/Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%202015-09-21%20%C3%A0%2007.14.38.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2291254/Capture%20d%E2%80%99%C3%A9cran%202015-09-21%20%C3%A0%2007.15.35.png Carosch
  2. Hi, like I posted earlier in this thread, I re-installed an oldest version, 5.5.1 and it works fine on Yosemite I've found it here : http://filehippo.com/fr/mac/download_evernote_for_mac/57609/ Carosch
  3. I found a solution (works for mac) I have another computer with an older version of evernote (5.5.1) I put the 6th one to the trash, with preferences and all I found who belong to evernote. Then I just made a copy of the old app and paste it in my Applications directory and it works fine. carosch
  4. Hi, ouch, I just installed the new update, it's very hard all this white... gray..., difficult to see items.. and to find the window quickly under others... it's impossible for me with Yosemite to re-install older version please, a dark theme would be very appreciate carosch
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