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  1. I was having terrible issues with my recent Evernote update from the app store (I'm running Mavericks). I trashed the app, downloaded the one from this website and now it's actually working better than ever. Hopefully I won't have any new glitches. Give it a go!
  2. Is anyone else experiencing technical difficulties since updating to the latest version? My notes are a mess, especially those with checkboxes. There are gigantic gaps between items, which makes scrolling thru a list nearly impossible now. I've had to just turn off the checkboxes altogether. I've also been having ongoing syncing issues with Evernote, but now with these style issues too, I can't even look at these lists and see what I'm looking at. I am so disappointed. What can we do about these issues? Are developers working on it, or can we go back to the old version?
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