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  1. Being a 20 year business user of IT I do second this request. I would never want to do complex calculations in Evernote as there are better tools. There is no great need for anything more than + - / * for cells in row or column with a sum to make the tables feature more useful in Evernote. As a corporate person I would further more not expect my customers to assess feasibility or the risk of my operations but to give me their opinion on features. I do understand Evernote is a progressive company with options. As a customer I would therefore like simple calculations like I can do them for long even in spotlight on Mac or in the google search engine to help my workflow. It shouldn´t be hard and it is logical for a table feature. Please bring basic calculations to tables. Your customer :)
  2. Hi all, first of all "HI" I am the new guy 2nd About myself: I am an Evernote user for approx. 1 year and have recently moved to business for my startup. As hard as I try loving EN , being a long-lived IT-Specialist (and yes I do in an ambiguous way) I cannot work with it without constantly having small nitty annoying issues. This said my recent issue is: I am using EN for mac on Mac with Yosemite. Attaching PAGES and NUMBERS documents to EN Notes works which is why I want them there and not in the terrible icloud. However one half of the iworks attachements i upload are displayed by EN preview the others are shown as zipped thus cannot be worked on. Does anyone know when they display and when they don´t and how to stabilize this behavior reliably? Further more: I seem to be unable to remove an attachment of a .pages or .numbers document once it is in the note. What am I doing wrong? Is it really impossible? Also just noted that dragging and dropping from an icloud-drive folder to EN is impossible. Why? Thanks for help all of you AndiB
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