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  1. I'm sorry but as a premium customer to be told that there's a new version to download that includes a 'new colour palette' and new 'Fonts' that don't actually seem to exist... i can't find them anywhere, is unacceptable. All that seems have happened is there's a new logo which us users/CUSTOMERS do not care about. How about this you ask us what WE want and then do it ?
  2. I dont know who they employ to come up with these choices for look/colour and layout but they need sacking. "Mmmmm i'm thinking really flat and unintersting you know sap all the enthusiasm out of the user, lets go back to 1980 when we had no choice and only dreamed of texure and vibrant soothing colour" Its ***** and its a slap in the face, how do i go back to version before ? Dave
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