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  1. Ipad 2 iOS 8.1.1 Fiber mesh tip stylus Premium customer I used penultimate for work a lot. After the upgrade the app is absolutely useless to me. Granted that some may be due to the iOS 8.x known issues. Here is my list: 1. It crashes often and looses all data in the session 2. It crashes is opening 3. It is extremely slow in opening 4. The stylus calibration is off by about an inch - totally useless particularly with the eraser 5 cannot keep up with regular speed handwriting - incomprehensible hand writing results 6. 2 fingers scrolling is sluggish at best and it works only on the upper window 7 mixing diagrams and handwriting is a total pain I can see the potential in many of the improvements. The execution has been a disaster. I seriously doubt it that it was even user tested once. 5.x worked, this doesn't. I would not reccomend penultimate to anyone at this point. A total bungle. Fix it.
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